Saturday, April 11, 2009

Technology and Players

First let me start off by saying how sorry I am that I haven't updated this in a long time but I've had papers, tests and reading to do while still gathering information about the college players.

So, in the past month here's some things I have learned.
1) PLayers have become techonologically savy
2) Girls will create support groups and will talk about players
3) Players will lie to get what they want and as my wise mother would say...the truth comes out and you find out what kind of BS you've been swallowing.

Lets start with technology. Look at you cellphone right now. This little piece of technology (mine's pretty's red and it's the size of a pack of gum, in case you wanted to know) can be the best thing that happened to you or the best way to get played.

In this age of technology, making a phone call and talking to the one you like is so last century. Texting has become the new way to date. It's no longer waiting for the guy to call you but to text you. You no longer wait by the phone, but you're expecting for your pocket to vibrate. Guys will text you and your friends to see which one of you will answer.

Before we get ahead of oursleves, let's define some words:
Booty-call: (noun) a phone call that can only be made after 1 AM when it's sole purpose is to request sex

Sext: (noun/verb) A text that has suggestive messages or dirty talk via text message

Mass-sext: (noun) Same as a sext but sent to multiple girls

If you've been getting a combination of the sext and the booty call you have just been played 21st century style.

Texts like "Hey! Wats up?" and "What you doin right now?" can be considered pretty normal if you get them in broad daylight but after 1 o'clock at night, they can only lead to a night of hanky panky. Boys know what they're doing and will not feel guilty about it. They want only want one thing and if you will not give it to them then someone else will.

Now the mass-text is a phenomenon that not many know about because it's hard to track.

Imagine you're watching a movie with your best friend on a Saturday night and both of your phones vibrate at the same time with the text, "Hey wat's up?" from the same guy. Both of you have been mass sexted. The next step is crucial...Either don't answer and leave it alone or bth text him at once so he realizes that you've just caught on and you won't sleep with him. His only reason to text you and your friend and many other girls he has in his phone, is to see which one will answer and will give him a happy ending to his night!

Beware girls of the technology savy player, he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.

Well girls, I'm done for today! I still have to reasearch genocides and women's history. Sigh, the life of a college student (oh, and J just brought Chinese and it smells soooo good).

Remember stay fabulous, play safe and always wear stilettos while having fun!


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