Thursday, February 26, 2009

Players and "Players"

What is the difference between a Player and a "Player"? Aren't all players bastards due to the simple fact that they take pleasure in 'playing' women?

Not necessarily.

A real Player is just looking to have fun while maintaining anonymity - this Player will be able to go about daily life without the stigma of being a 'player'. They aren't looking to hurt women, they are simply looking for a good time - usually until they find a woman they love. Evidently that's the agenda of the Player, to have fun until they've found someone to settle down with.

Now that's the real Player.

The other type of man you may run into is a "Player", the difference between the two types is that one is proud to use women, the other enjoys having consentual fun with women without bragging.

"Players" are the assholes and bastards that you will encounter - they are proud to play women and show that fact off to anyone who will listen.

Beware of the self-proclaimed players, but if you're just looking to have fun, then the smooth, also looking for a good time man might just be for you.

In any case, be safe and always have fun :)


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