Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hello to anyone who might stumble across this blog.

I go by J. My roommate and co-blogger goes by E. From time to time another friend, M, will be posting about her experiences as well.

After some rather eventful happenings over the past few weeks, we decided (on a whim) to attempt to create a blog dealing with the everso smooth and sneaky 'player'. You know them - you see them everyday; when you're out shopping, grabbing lunch, catching a film, or simply walking down the street.

Our intent at this time is to... put out information, advice, and strategies that might come in useful when dealing with this breed of man. We are far from having all of the answers, but having a discussion on the matter is what's important at this point. Too many women don't realize just how smooth the player can be and often end up hurt.

The goal is to be a bit more informed all the while keeping a sense of humor and common sense and not forgetting that it's okay to have a bit of fun :)


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