Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Papaya anyone?

Right, so I'm bored and just declined to work on homework... So let's see, what can I talk about?

Papaya. Tomato. Animal.

Innocent enough words, right?


As I was informed last night, these are all terms used to describe the vagina.

I'm sure most women would agree that they assume men are quite vulgar when it comes to sexually related subjects. I'm one of them. Last night I found out just how..underestimating I have been all these years. Men are very explicit and willing to share with other men when it comes to sexual encounters.

My dear friends Latin Lover, who I will refer to as LL for short, spent almost two hours talking to E & I last night about some of the things men discuss. The primary focus of the conversation was the female anatomy, most specifically the vagina.

Men love discussing and describing everything from color and texture to taste and smell.

From everything I've ever heard or read, what a vagina looks like doesn't really matter - it is a vagina after all.

As for the taste and smell... This can be very important and in some cases detrimental to sexual activity.

When it comes to smell, men will do anything to subtly catch a whiff of how a woman smells below the belt. If it's good, there's not much more a guy will ask for but to go there. If it's not so good, well, your man may not be able to even get it up. Smell is such an important factor for men during sexual activity that anything that isn't quite normal will cause them to shut down.

According to, "The most common cause of vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis, resulting from an overgrowth of organisms normally present in the vagina. The odor — usually a "fishy" smell — may be more obvious after sexual intercourse. Other signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include vaginal itching or irritation, and a grayish-whitish vaginal discharge. Treatment of bacterial vaginosis may include antibiotics."

Don't be too worried - unless you have an infection or poor hygiene, the chances that you've got something 'fishy' going on is slim. If you notice anything irregular see your doctor - you'd hate to be one of the girls that end up as a man's story about how bad the smell was, wouldn't you?

As for the taste, I've never heard any complaints - although I have heard of it being equated to Parmesan CheezeIts.

Oh, and one fun fact - if you've ever noticed how twitchy men can be or how they can scratch their ears or head so rapidly, don't complain. It's all for a good reason - primarily practice in pleasuring you. :)


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